Learning java programming


I created this blog to build and insight into the world of java programming, as myself I will be on a journey to teach and learn myself this programming language.

I want this blog to help and guide people along the way to code, as myself I yet don’t really understand or know how to, even though I’ve studied a module on java at university it’s still a mind field for me.

So as I set up the basics such as downloading all the necessary components and software, to creating and running my first class I want other people to learn from it as I know how confusing and overwhelming even just google searching such a topic can be, as I’ve done it many times myself and put of the learning  aspect.

To help myself on this journey I will be using various tools, most of them I want them to be free because I want everyone to be able to access them with me.
A very good free tool iv found is called udavity,  it is both available on the Web and available as apps for both IOS and android, I will be using this to teach myself the basics from the ground up.


Please leave your comments and feedback as these are welcome and will help me to improve and provide better material along this blog.

Please note I will periodically update this blog and create others relating to this topic to keep everything  categorised and easy to follow.


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